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The WHY TYPE® Medical Solution (WTMS) is a customized add-on to existing speech recognition software, such as Dragon® NaturallySpeaking®, tailored to seamlessly integrate with electronic medical record software and additional applications. The WTMS allows physicians to navigate any Windows®- or network-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) software by using our medical voice macros, speech commands and templates. Many of the features of EMR software solutions, including progress notes, lab letters, scheduling, etc., can now be voice activated.

By eliminating typing and mouse click-intensive and drop-down menu navigation, the WTMS dramatically improves and increases adoption of ANY EMR/EHR software, including:

- Centricitys™ - Picis by Picis, Inc. - AllMeds EMR System
- eClinicalWorks® - Amazing Charts - Practice Partner®
- EpicCare EMR - ChartLogic™ - PrognoCISs™
- LMR - CoPath - SpringCharts™ EHR
- MediTech - e-MDs Chart® - Bond Technologies EHR
- NextGen® EMR - Misys EMRs™ - Touchworks™
- SOAPware® - Intergy® EHR - WaitingRoomSolutions EMR
- VersaSuite - Medamation™ MD  

...and many more.

AM Technologies, Inc. has developed hundreds of customized macros that allow quick and easy navigation to populate charts, tables, and text fields established in EMRs to complete a workflow process. Using speech recognition will:

- Reduce time spent documenting care
- Accelerate EMR return on investment
- Eliminate click-intensive navigation through menus
- Improve quality of patient records
- Allow physicians to document in their own words

All of our voice macros can be designed and customized to fit specific physician or practice needs, and to function with custom EMR forms and templates. To learn more about our EMR integration and customization solutions, call us at 1-800 WHY TYPE®


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